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A Flavour factory


We design a unique product together

Burn Hookah Tobacco is a new brand of the American tobacco that combines advanced technology products, excellent flavor and a high quality.

Burn Hookah Tobacco has recently appeared and is an exclusive development by our experts for the CIS market. We have conducted major marketing studies and managed to create a product that has already caught the interest of the leading hookah professionals in CIS and fans of delicious smoky tobacco. It acts as a competitor to the best and popular manufacturers of tobacco for hookah due to variety of advantages.

Key aspects of Burn Hookah Tobacco:

  • Well-considered packaging is regarded as the most convenient for the application and storage of tobacco. We are so proud of our tobacco, and so we have done a special “window” in the package in order to always see beautiful and rich Burn tobacco
  • An exclusive mixing method – tobacco with honey
  • An optimal moisture level. Tobacco does not “swim” in syrup, and therefore there is no need to press out or change the mixture. You do not buy a syrup, you buy tobacco that should be always fresh and have a rich flavor
  • An improved heat resistance. Burn tobacco holds and likes the maximal temperature. It cannot be overheated; it is easily restored and does not lose flavor within entire smoking process.

Burn Hookah Tobacco is produced by the unique technology. High quality tobacco “The French Virginia Gold” mixed and seasoned in honey is the base. After absorbing honey flavor, tobacco is seasoned by flavors of fruit syrups of the German production.

We are proud of the tobacco quality as well as a uniqueness of syrups developed specially for Burn. We have decided to create a product that will collect the best of the centuries-old traditions of hookah industry and will find its own special flavor.

Due to honey and special syrup, Burn Hookah Tobacco has sweet, rich flavor, a pleasant acerbity, a magnificent aftertaste, and an unforgettable pattern. If you try Burn tobacco, you will easily recognize it among hundred other tobacco.

One of the main goals of our company is a care of people. Therefore we use materials of the high quality and natural origin in the production. Chemical and synthetic supplements that may harm a human or spoil a flavor of one of the best Virginia tobacco are not used in the production of Burn Hookah Tobacco. We smoke our tobacco and recommend it our closest friends because we are confident in its quality.

We follow the average price policy because we are sure that everybody has to try Burn Hookah Tobacco. And we know what to offer.

A collection of Burn Hookah Tobacco is a piece of art. Burn Hookah Tobacco line products has more than 20 different items, and it is going to double soon. Our experts have designed a wide range of flavors, and everyone will find a worthy flavor. At the moment, you may try such Burn flavors as: Casablanca, Candy cherry, Mojito, Fanta, Kamikaze, Blueberry Mint, Three Apples, Milkshake, and many others.

But there is more. We care of our customers, and therefore we are always ready to listen to your opinion and recommendations to create products you like. We have implemented a feedback system first among all manufacturers of tobacco for hookah.

Sharing your ideas and recommendations, you will help us to find the most demanded and promising trends and create new flavors. Even the most demanding customer will find a special and unique flavor and aroma in our line of Burn products.

Let’s launch a global production of the best flavors of Burn and fill the whole world with combined ideas.