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Addition of New Flavors

The Burn team announces of their first effective cooperation with their consumers. We are the first one among the tobacco manufacturers who have implemented a feedback and already got the first results. After the announcement of 20 flavors of the Burn tobacco, we have received a lot of requests from our consumers to do new Burn flavors.

People have asked about milky or chocolate flavor. We have listened to the opinion of our consumers and developed a new chocolate-milk flavor Sexy choco. The official sales of tobacco have been launched on April 16, and therefore if you wanted chocolate or milky Burn flavor, please contact a representative of the company in your region. A demand for new flavor is very high.

Besides Sexy choco, one more flavor called Tibet has gone on sale. It was probably our old idea that we could not implement. But due to your e-mails with a request to create an unusual spicy or herbal flavor of Burn, it gave us free rein and we created a new flavor Tibet.

We don’t know yet whether you like our new flavors or not. We have tried to maximally carefully consider your requests and create flavors you have asked for the most.

In addition, three new flavors will be announced soon. We are preparing for you a pleasant surprise and an update of the Burn tobacco line.

We are not going to stop and are always happy to receive your e-mails and offers. We will select the most interesting ideas and create new Burn flavors. Now you will be able to buy Burn tobacco with a flavor created personally by You. This is not a joke.

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