How to smoke Burn Tobacco

How to smoke Burn Tobacco

How to load a bowl?

It is better to put Burn tobacco lightly, with a space before foil or kaloud 3-5 mm. Do not tramp as much tobacco as you can into the bowl. It will not prolong a smoking time, but air draft of hookah and general sensations will be much worse.

How to smoke Burn Tobacco

A light putting of tobacco into the bowl has its advantages. As tobacco does not contact a direct heat of charcoals, it will not be burned and will gradually open its flavor. Hookah will be light and pleasant for smoking especially for girls. Four charcoals will be used for such option of loading in order to warm up the bowl well and achieve the maximally rich flavor.

Another way of placing Burn tobacco into the bowl is used with touching. This way suggests the use of more amount of tobacco. It is slightly tramped (but not much in order to keep an air draft) and is put up to the brim. The upper layer of tobacco touches the foil or kaloud, so that the upper layer will be slightly burned. But this will just improve the flavor, make hookah stronger and more smoke will appear. This way of tobacco loading will need 3-4 charcoals.

How to smoke Burn Tobacco

But there are flavors in Burn line that should not be loaded with touching and overheated. But we will talk about it in another article.

As to the tobacco loading by overpack style, Burn makes a good showing. But we do not recommend this type of loading because a part of flavor is lost, and our main purpose is to open the entire potential of Burn tobacco and its unique flavors.

How long to warm up the bowl?

It all depends on your bowl. Earthen bowls may be warmed up within 3-5 minutes, and if you prefer silicone, tobacco should be warmed within 6-8 minutes.

How long to smoke Burn tobacco?

Burn tobacco may be smoked within 45-55 minutes without losing flavors regardless of loading type. We have worked for a long time to keep the tobacco flavors as long as possible and to avoid losing flavor in 20-25 minutes. If you do not overheat tobacco, you will feel a rich aroma and flavor of Burn tobacco during smoking (within an hour). No bitterness, no throat irritations.

Should I squeeze tobacco?

We thoroughly saturate Burn tobacco with syrup in order to maximally keep its flavor properties. But we do not like when tobacco “swims” in the syrup. It is not convenient and does not always positively influence on the tobacco flavor.

Do not squeeze Burn tobacco because we have found the optimal amount of the syrup and you may see that tobacco is moderately damp but not watery. Therefore it is easy to work with it, and it gives a good flavor.

Should I grind tobacco?

Our main task is to create the maximally quality tobacco for hookah. That is why our experts control a process of a creation of Burn tobacco on all stages of the production. A special attention is paid to slicing of tobacco. We have found out the optimal size of a leaf in the package, and there is no need to slice or grind it. Burn tobacco fits the bowl well, is breathable, and does not influence on the draft of hookah.

What charcoals should be used?

It is better to use coconut charcoals.

They give good results, do not spoil the tobacco flavor and molder for a long time. If you are impatient or do not have an opportunity to heat charcoals, you may use inflaming charcoals. But if you prefer this option, we do not guarantee a high quality of the Burn tobacco flavor. These charcoals may have a bad influence on the flavor and worsen a general impression from smoking.

How many charcoals should be used?

As practice shows, 3-4 charcoals are enough to completely open Burn tobacco for hookah. But a bowl also influences on the number of charcoals, and therefore you may control heat by removing/adding 1-2 charcoals during smoking.

Why I don’t have a smoke?

“Burn tobacco does not have a smoke”, Burn tobacco is not smoky”, “No smoke, what is the point?” – we have heard this many times. But maybe the matter is not in tobacco but in preparing your hookah? There are several causes why tobacco does not give a smoke:

  • You have little/too much water
  • The parts of hookah are not well connected, and so air is leaked
  • Tobacco is not warmed yet
  • You use not enough charcoals and tobacco has a low temperature for dense puffs of smoke
  • Not enough tobacco in the bowl for rich flavor and more smoke

But we do not blame you. There are just many factors that may directly or indirectly affect a smoke opacity of tobacco for hookah. We are confident in our product and may say that Burn tobacco is rather smoky and competes other tobacco during observing all rules.

And the main recommendation from hookah experts is to regularly clean your hookah and hose, otherwise you will feel unusual tobacco even in 1-2 weeks. The more often you clean hookah, the safer it is for your health.

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