Burn Tobacco

Hookah tobacco Premium quality


Burn Tobacco is excise tobacco of premium quality for hookah and has officially appeared in 2017 in Russia. Despite general cumulative similarity of the entire production in tobacco segment for hookah, Burn has intensive, distinctive properties, and it makes this product innovative and interesting for a consumer.

Burn Tobacco company was established in America by a group of people who were lovers of the hookah industry. The production of tobacco was located in one of the biggest factories in the USA within 2 years, and it had the most advanced technological infrastructure and possibilities to produce unique mixes of tobacco.

Burn tobacco described itself as tobacco of premium quality at first, and therefore it was decided to set the production in the USA where specialized production assets and quality materials were located. As the market of CIS is more demanding to the quality of tobacco, and major figures in the hookah industry are placed here, a decision to represent tobacco in the countries of CIS has been made.

Taking on a market of the CIS and popularization of this tobacco in Russia has led to a dislocation of the Burn Tobacco production from the USA to the Russian Federation. The modern factory was built in Moscow district meeting all international standards of quality and having innovative technological infrastructure. It allowed us focusing on the further taking on the CIS market and improving the quality of the released production. Due to this, in 2018, Burn Tobacco has received the excise in the Russian Federation.

Premium tobacco Virginia Gold from France is used as a material for the production of Burn tobacco. A peculiarity of this leaf is its moderate strength and intensive sweetness. Due to this, the best flavor is achieved in comparison with cheaper and low-quality types of tobacco.

The soak technology of tobacco leaf in honey is used in the production of Burn Tobacco. It makes it softer, gives more pleasant smell and a light smoke. Due to this, it is good to smoke our tobacco, and it does not lose its flavor properties within a long period.

Due to the reviews of our consumers and a great analytical effort, we have managed to improve the flavor properties of Burn tobacco and change a technology of the production.

The peculiarity of Burn tobacco consists in the exclusiveness of flavors. Due to the natural flavoring agents and honey syrup, the optimal satiety of tobacco with flavor is achieved, and naturalness of the flavor is provided.

The company is planning to create an exclusive line of tobacco, having more than 100 flavors closer to the natural ones.

Burn Tobacco aims at adding the innovations to the hookah industry that will change an attitude to the ritual of hookah smoking. We create a product which will be demanded and popular in the hookah industry by means of its quality and exclusive properties.