Myths about hookah

Myths about hookah

Hookah smoking becomes more and more popular every year. Even prohibitions and restrictions for tobacco smoking do not prevent people from smoking hookah and joining the hookah industry.

Some people think that hookah smoking is harmless, and others worry about health of hookah fans. There is a group of people who state that smoking hookah equals smoking of hundred cigarettes.

Mostly people of older generation say about a harm of smoking. They do not really know a structure of hookah and how smoking happens. They think that cigarette smoking and hookah smoking are the same. That is why, we are going to consider this question and discuss several myths about hookah smoking.


Myth 1. Hookah smoking causes an addiction

If somebody says that hookah smoking causes an addiction, this person does not know what a real addiction is. People who are addictive to nicotine smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day. The number of smoked cigarettes per day grows every year. If hookah smoking caused such addiction, everybody would have a small hookah and look for places to fire charcoals.

People who have an addiction are prone to anxiety and fear, if they could not smoke a cigarette right away. Just imagine what would happen with people who could not smoke hookah every 3-4 hours. They would be mentally unstable because even most of us do not have an opportunity to smoke hookah every day.

But if we seriously consider this problem, we can’t completely eliminate an addiction. According to the data of the social surveys, people regularly smoking hookah experience a desire and look for an opportunity to smoke more often than others. Some heavy smokers quit cigarettes in favor of hookah smoking.

The matter is that hookah smoke does not differ from tobacco in cigarettes. Cigarettes just have many additives about which we are going to talk later.

Nicotine is a drug. It is proved. But the body needs it because it provides some stimulating action on the central nervous system and brain. Everyday hookah smoking will of course lead to a desire to smoke more often in some time. But it does not mean that you will have a serious addiction as a drug taker or heavy smokers.

No addiction will appear if you smoke hookah from time to time. But if it didn’t convince you, food also causes an addiction, doesn’t it?

Myth 2. One hookah smoking equals smoking of 100 cigarettes

There are different attitudes towards harm of hookah smoking. People who better know it are more skeptical as to a comparison of hookah with cigarettes. People who know little about hookah see more harm and even say that One hookah smoking equals a smoking of 100 cigarettes.

A cigarette tobacco contains much more tars. A special hookah tobacco is soaked, in order to remove tar excesses, which is not the case in manufacture of cigarettes. Moreover, cigarettes contain not only tars, but also various impurities. This all gets into a human body mainly through lungs and respiratory tracts.

When smoking a hookah, there is a filter, and namely water, where the biggest part of substances released during tobacco burning process settles. Most people do not even imagine how many carcinogenic substances get into the human body after smoking of 100 cigarettes at a time. Even after smoking of 30-40 cigarettes, a man can get poisoning with a carbon monoxide or exacerbation of respiratory system diseases. Just imagine what 100 cigarettes can do. At the very least, you’ll need emergency aid. In the worst case scenario, you’ll spend several days at resuscitation department, with artificial respiration unit connected to your lungs.

The hookah will not cause such a reaction. Even if you smoke 2 hookahs, you won’t face any symptoms of poisoning. Hookah and cigarettes are two different products, which are absolutely non-comparable. They feature different smoking processes, because tobacco does not burn, but smoulders in a hookah. In cigarettes, tobacco burns and releases more harmful impurities, which get into your body without the filter. Therefore, you can guess this myth is not well-grounded and was invented to reduce trust and image of hookahs, instead of safeguarding people’s health.

Myth 3. A lot of carcinogens go to the body with hookah smoke, it is even more than during cigarette smoking.

We do not state that hookah smoking is absolutely harmless. We agree that different cancerogenic ingredients (combustion products) are released during tobacco heating, and they go to our body. But if we compare hookah and cigarettes, we can make a conclusion that hookah smoking is safer and has less carcinogens.

Hookah tobacco contains as follows:

  • A leaf: it is soaked for a long time in order to maximally remove resins
  • Glycerin is required to do a smoke. It is absolutely safe in small amount and is actively used in food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Pickle – maltodextrin, honey or flavored oils
  • Food flavorings

Tobacco for hookah does not normally contain harmful ingredients. All bad things occur during tobacco burning. Therefore, hookah smoking should be correct: do not overheat tobacco and do not smoke a completely “dead” tobacco that has already burned. And do not smoke hookah every day. The body will clean itself.

We are not going to consider the compound of cigarettes in details. We just say that every cigarette has the following ingredients: tar, arsenic, heavy metals, formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, hydrocyanic acid, urea (which actively causes an addiction), ethylene, carbon monoxide, and other ingredients. If you are interested, you may read about these ingredients, their “use” for the body in details.

So, do not compare hookah with cigarettes, and if you really want to know whether hookah is harmful, spend more time to learn information about hookah, and do not trust all rumors.   

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