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How to smoke Burn tobacco. Part1

Buying Burn Tobacco is just a half-way. To maximally open a flavor, you should correctly place tobacco inside the bowl and warm it up. If you are acquainted with Burn tobacco for the first time, you probably don’t know how it is in work. Some people do not know in what doses tobacco is used, how many charcoals are better, for how long Burn tobacco may be smoked without losing flavor, and others. To answer all these questions, we are going to make a review article about our tobacco for hookah and tell about all details of smoking.

Burn tobacco is a new product on the market. As any tobacco for hookah, Burn has some peculiarities manifested during smoking. These are several important facts about smoking Burn tobacco:

  • Burn tobacco is not afraid of heat. Tobacco is very heat-resisting that cannot be overheated, and is easily restored; heat may be controlled to create more smoke
  • A tobacco smell may slightly differ from flavor during opening a package
  • Burn tobacco may be mixed with other flavors or other tobacco but at first you should try a flavor offered by a manufacturer

And now first things first…

Section #1

We have planned to create tobacco which it would be easy to work with. Even if you are inexperienced hookah-maker but you want to have delicious and flavorful hookah, do not miss a chance to buy Burn tobacco. It is really very convenient to work with it.

First of all, it is hard to overheat tobacco. It is well smoked even on 4 charcoals. There are some nuances though, but we will talk about them later. Burn tobacco is also smoked well on different bowls. Earthen, ceramic, or silicone bowl – it does not matter.

Secondly, even if you have not smoked hookah for a long time, tobacco is slightly burned, and ashes are felt, just blow off the bowl. It is easier to do it with kaloud. Lift it up, blow off harsh smoke on tobacco for several times, and blow off smoke from hookah. Then a tobacco flavor will appear again and harsh smoke will disappear.

Burn tobacco for hookah is adjusted to a smoker. If you need more smoke, just add 1-2 charcoals. You will see the effect at once. As it is rather hard to burn tobacco, the number of charcoals will not harm your hookah.

Section #2

As our tobacco is very young and impregnated with syrup, olfactory receptors may be “punched” during opening the package. A selected flavor may seem too rich and may disappoint you. But it is not like that. Open a package and let tobacco “breathe”. A smell will be changed in 15-20 minutes and you will feel a real flavor.

It happens with all young tobacco that have been recently produced. A lot of tobacco selling on the market are produced 1-1,5 years ago, and so they dry out and lose this “young” smell. This is not bad but due to this, Burn tobacco is the optimal choice for hookah-makers.

Do not be afraid to leave the package open for a short period. We rather well saturate our tobacco, and therefore it does not dry out and is not spoiled.

Section #3  

We ask you to evade the first impression and get a taste for Burn tobacco flavor. A smell does not show the entire pattern of flavor, and therefore you may seem that it would be good to add any flavor from other tobacco line.

Burn tobacco is absolutely independent and seldom needs an addition of other flavors. But if you want to change a taste impression, mix only proved flavors. Every manufacturer of tobacco for hookah has its own secrets and a formula of syrup. Therefore, even popular flavors may differ. We try to create a full flavor at once, so that it does not need changes.

We recommend to experiment with light tobacco and mono-flavors which will freshen or give Burn tobacco a sweetness. But to begin with, we recommend you to buy Burn tobacco and try every flavor and share your feelings on our website or social media.

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