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Kaloud Lotus or Foil?

Many fans of hookah know that there are a lot of accessories which simplify a preparation of hookah or improve a process of smoking. Kaloud Lotus may be called one of such accessories.

Kaloud Lotus is an innovative development that replaces a foil. The main task of this accessory is a heat adjustment coming from charcoals to tobacco. There is a group of people who are opposed to the use of this thing and state that a foil is irreplaceable. None accessories can improve the quality of hookah and only foil should be used. Therefore, we want to sort out whether to buy Kaloud Lotus for Burn tobacco, or is foil better for the use.


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Main advantages of Kaloud Lotus:

  • A reduced ash from the charcoals in the bowl with tobacco. Ash is kept on the bottom of Kaloud Lotus and does not go to the bowl
  • A control of heat and temperature of tobacco at any stage of smoking
  • Increased period of smoking
  • Even heat distribution
  • It may be used during different methods of tobacco loading

Using Kaloud Lotus, you don’t have to think if you have a foil, or will it be enough for 1-2 or more hookah, and also there is no need to do holes in the foil.

Drawbacks of Kaloud Lotus:

  • High price in comparison with foil
  • It does not work with all hookah
  • It gets hot during smoking
  • An additional care during cleaning

A foil is cheaper than original Kaloud Lotus but you buy Kaloud Lotus once and for a long time. You will buy foil on a regular basis. Even though one foil roll goes a long way, but the difference in expenses will depend on how often you smoke hookah.

Kaloud Lotus is easy to use. You just need to put it on the bowl, add charcoals there, and that is all. No more actions to do. But Kaloud Lotus has a certain size, and therefore a bowl should fit it. Some types of earthen bowls do not fit it, and therefor pay attention to it while buying a bowl and Kaloud Lotus.

Ceramic is not recommended for Kaloud Lotus. The best choice is a silicone bowl. They have the same size that works well for Kaloud Lotus.

The practice of the use of Burn tobacco shows that Kaloud Lotus is more preferable.

  • First of all, you may constantly control heat of tobacco and adjust its strength and smokiness
  • Secondly, you can blow tobacco at any time, if it got burned. It is impossible to do with a foil. Burn tobacco may be easily restored only with Kaloud Lotus even after high overheat
  • Thirdly, you will save on charcoals due to special blades on the lid of Kaloud Lotus

Burn tobacco usually opens well during the use of 4 charcoals. But if the blades are regulated and an access to oxygen is closed, thick smoke and rich flavor may be achieved even on 3 charcoals.

Foil is a classic. Many people get used to smoke with it, and we understand their desire to keep a culture of hookah smoking. But there are situations when Kaloud Lotus is an irreplaceable thing. It is convenient in work, at parties when several hookahs are smoked, and it is convenient if you forgot to buy a foil.

Kaloud Lotus is essential for beginners because they can get to know the peculiarities of Burn tobacco smoking and find out how to better work with tobacco for hookah. Even if you got used to foil, just try Kaloud Lotus. Maybe you will make a discovery.

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