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Burn mix series vol.1

We have made a lot of efforts in order to create unusual and interesting flavors for you. The market is filled with monoflavors that are alike in most manufacturers of tobacco for hookah. Our developments have created an individual line of Burn tobacco flavors, and therefore you do not have to mix them or think how to better combine it.

But many people still ask how to better mix tobacco of Burn in order to receive a pleasant flavor. It is rather easy to spoil hookah with a bad mix, and therefore we would like to offer you our top mixes of Burn tobacco, so that you will avoid fails.

Mix #1: Berry freshness

Berried treasure may seem too sweet, and therefore we offer you to mix it with Lemon Mint – 50%/50%. This mix will give your hookah a freshness and a slightly sour taste. Berries will show new flavors but do not increase a dose of Lemon Mint because berry flavor will be less felt.

Mix #2: Citrus Boom!!!

Mix 60% of Sundaysun with 40% of Fanta, if you are a gourmet and like citruses. Every tobacco is separately well smoked and has a rich flavor of oranges, grapefruit and tangerines but a combined mix will be a citrus heaven for you. If you have an allergy to citrus and you cannot eat it, try this mix. It will replace any fruit.

Mix #3: Tropical heaven

This is a tropical mix of citruses, pineapple, and vanilla. A very soft, sweetly-fresh flavor. Mix 50% of Sudaysun and 50% of White Night, and you will feel a bright change of the flavor because they complement each other.

Mix #4: Berry tea time

Take 50% of Blueberry Mint tobacco and mix it with 50% of Red Mix. A very harmonic mix for fans of the classical flavors. A rich flavor of berries and a fresh flavor of hibiscus tea with mint will give your tea drinking a seasoning and lightness. But remember that you won’t be able to work after it. So make yourself comfortable and have tea time.

Mix #5: Summer mood

This is our the most favorite summer mix. Take 70% of Mojito and mix it with 30% of Kiwi. Fresh mojito will become sweater due to kiwi, and this will be a pleasant refreshing cocktail that you may try this summer. ATTENTION! Smoking of this mix may cause a passionate desire to quit and go to the sea.


We hope that our recommendations will help you to better get to know Burn tobacco and estimate its abilities. We always look for new mixes and will regularly inform you about new unusual mixes to satisfy your taste sensors. If you also have ideas, you may share them and we will publish the coolest mixes and name an author on the website. And now, try it, create it, and dream it!

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